About us

TigerOnSite is part of the JobTiger Business Group - the largest company in the field of Internet-based HR solutions.
TigerOnSite provides and develops new opportunities on the labor market in Bulgaria
TigerOnSite specializes in the provision and management of temporary employment, outsourcing, out-staffing.
The staff management can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. More importantly, if you do not have excellent HR professionals, your company might be at risk. "TigerOnSite" provides various human resource management services such as staff leasing, outsourcing, out-staffing and seasonal work and does the administrative care for you. We take care of the formalities for making, signing and eventually - terminating the employment or civil contracts with your employee, the payment of salaries, taxes and all related documentation. We keep track of any changes in the employment, social security and tax legislation, we then adapt to the new procedures and inform our clients about these changes.
Our services help save administrative costs and let managers focus their attention on the actual business management.

TigerOnSite Advantages

We have the necessary experience and know how on the labor market and its detail specifics in Bulgaria as well as in the European Union.
We can provide the staff needed to implement a new project, handle temporary workload increase or replace employees during long absence.
We will offer more efficient and flexible solutions for organizing the entire workflow in your company or organization.


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